Disable autocorrect in zsh

I've been using oh-my-zsh for a little over a year.  Some days I find it to be super crazy awesome, other days not so much.

On the items that's been sticking in my craw is the theoretically helpful autocorrect feature of zsh.  If you are reasonably precise typist (I am), and you use a lot of unusual scripts and commands (I do), chances are you'll be incorrectly nagged by the autocorrect feature several times a day.

The surgical fix is to manually disable autocorrect on a per command basis.  For example, heroku logs is helpfully incorrectly autocorrected to heroku log.

% heroku logs
zsh: correct 'logs' to 'log' [nyae]?


I can disable autocorrect for the heroku command only by adding this line to my ~/.zshrc.

alias heroku='nocorrect heroku'

Honestly, I'd rather just call the whole thing off.  So I went into my ~/.zshrc and inserted the following line after the oh-my-zsh startup script.

source $ZSH/oh-my-zsh.sh
unsetopt correct_all

UPDATE: Helpful reader Simon Russel says that the newest version of zsh expects

source $ZSH/oh-my-zsh.sh
unsetopt correct