Do Fanbois Dream of Electric Sheep?

I loved you iPhone. I really did.

I remember when I first beheld your simplistic beauty. Text input unencumbered by the magic of “cut and paste.” Ambling EDGE downloads. Didn’t even have MMS.

But you bloody well worked, didn’t you? In the beginning you were but a simple phone, and you did simple things perfectly. Your old EDGE iPhone model was a good phones, and provided the first mobile browser that was worth a damn.

And I sang your praises. My poor wife put up with my yammering evangelical delusions. The iPhone was my first Apple product, and I love it so much that I bought more. iPods, MacBook Pros, Mac Minis. Backed up by Apple’s impeccable service, I went on a binge that lasted for two solid years.

Verdict: iPhone OS 1.0 – good phone, incredible portable Internet device.

Then came the App Store and its associated a delightful frenzy of activity. iPhone, you changed my world. You turned this obligatory brick that I must carry around in my pocket into an endless source of delight. Apps are fun.

After enduring my endless chatter about Apps, my beloved wife picked up an G1 Android phone of her own. It was a neat little toy, but couldn’t hold a candle to Apple’s design of great beauty.

Verdict: iPhone OS 2.0 – good phone, great portable Internet device, game changing hand held computer.

Ah, but with great power comes great responsibility. And there is something debilitating about a device as powerful as the iPhone coupled with AT&T’s 3G network. Calls began dropping with ever increasing frequency. And really, what use is a phone if it can’t complete a call?

Well, at least I still had great apps, and my experience with the lady’s Android indicated that Mobile Safari still blew everything else out of the water.

Verdict: iPhone OS 3.0 – mediocre phone, decent portable Internet device, best of breed hand held computer.

And then came the dark times. I was a fool, and recklessly upgraded to iOS 4. This was my first bad experience with an Apple product, and it has been an unholy mess. I won’t bother itemizing the multitude of problems with this configuration. Let’s just say the evangelizing has been curtailed.

Verdict: iOS 4.0 (on iPhone 3G hardware) – crappy phone, unworkable portable Internet device, unusable hand held computer.

And so today my Droid X arrived. It’s sleek. The screen is humongous. And it is a pretty good phone. I think the level of polish has improved significantly since the Android G1, but is still not up to iPhone standards.

But it works. Consistently so far.

I still miss my trusty iPhone a bit. And if Apple releases an iPhone 4 for Verizon, I might give it a try. But I’ll be darn well sure to give it a few months after the release to but sure that others are having a good experience.